Service is extremely important to Kirby Employee Benefits. This is an area of our company where we absolutelyGroup Health Insurance Provider set ourselves apart from other insurance agencies.

It is our belief and philosophy that your company should have the utmost confidence in your group health insurance agent to handle ANY and ALL aspects of your employee’s benefits issues and concerns as quickly as possible.

We NEVER feel that anyone in your company should have to contact any carrier or other employee benefits provider, to handle any question, issue, claim, or confusion about any of the insurances provided.

We make Group Health Insurance Simple

No employer, employee, or employee dependent should have to spend countless hours on the phone attempting to resolve issues with an insurance carrier! That is what we do!

Our team of service professionals has the carrier relationships and back-office channels to get any service issue your employees may have. And, since we speak the language, we can definitely resolve it faster and more efficiently than you can on your own.