Group Health, Dental & Vision Insurance

Kirby Employee Benefits is the expert for your group health coverage and other employee benefit plans. We specialize in making group benefits simple and easy. If you are looking for creative ways to save money, we also provide alternative funding solutions to companies that qualify.

Group Health Insurance

In order to get started, we will need a simple census form completed by your company, along with a copy of your current plan design and rates.  We will then go to work for you and provide a simple side-by-side comparison of your options. Since each company is different, this comparison will allow us to recommend the best plans for your unique situation. To get the best fit, we will present many types of plan designs, including different types of networks.


For employers that are searching for a more responsive health plan to help reduce long term costs, we have the solution. By utilizing hand-picked specialty vendors, our MainSpring plans provide choices for employers not found anywhere else. If you are tired of the ever-changing plans and rising out of pocket costs, call us to find out more about this creative way to take back control of your medical plans.

Short & Long Term Disability

Disability Insurance is designed to provide a replacement income when an employee becomes unable to work due to an illness or an injury. While it does not cover the medical expenses associated with the illness or injury, disability insurance provides the employee with income payments while unable to work.

Group Term Life Insurance

Group Term Life Insurance coverage will provide a payment to the family members or beneficiaries, if a covered individual dies while insured. These policies are generally less costly than comparable individual policies. For this reason, group term life insurance is often highly valued by employees.