Looking for Different?

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) reshaped the landscape of benefit plans and produced an overwhelming amount of new laws and rules relative to health plans. With this implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the complicated rules it brings, Kirby Employee Benefits decided to develop a creatively engineered health plan solution for businesses looking for something different. MainSpring is a selection of unique, specialty vendors packaged together to bring an innovative, responsive health plan, designed to bring long term savings for employers.  These plans were created to operate within the ACA rules, yet they have some unique features you will not find elsewhere. 

Our specialty vendors provide cutting edge care and disease management, plan oversight and client held claim accounts with appropriate risk protections. They partner with you, your employees and their family members to ensure the proper care and treatments are delivered in the correct settings and in a timely manner. 

While certain synergies are utilized in its design, employers chosen to be a part of MainSpring Health join into the consumerism appreciated by larger employers. As a result, employers reap the benefits of:

  • A more responsive medical plan that will reduce long term costs
  • Increased purchasing power
  • Stabilizes renewals through risk and administrative leveraging
  • Uses proven risk management strategies of statistically relevant pooling
  • Predictive modeling and analytical analysis
  • Employee and dependent education
  • Evaluation by an actuary that is not employed by an insurance carrier

In addition, Kirby Employee Benefits remains very active on legislative and regulatory fronts, providing insight, commentary and advocacy on behalf of all our clients, regardless of size, at both the state and federal levels. As a result, MainSpring is in compliance with the laws and regulations that govern medical plans. 

Instead of blindly reaching out, let the experts at Kirby Employee Benefits directly connect you with the right health insurance plans for your company. As a business owner, you have enough on your plate, and working with Kirby Employee Benefits lets you shift the burden and focus on your core business.

If you think it is time to change the rules, call us at 561-781-8188, or use the contact form to the right to find out more about this different health plan